Debian: NIC Aliases: Can’t use eth0 when network card is replaced

NIC info is stored in the following file (Etch):

Edit to fit your needs!

For Lenny just look at /etc/udev/rules.d/ and find the file with presistent-net.rules in filename.

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2 thoughts on “Debian: NIC Aliases: Can’t use eth0 when network card is replaced

  1. mattias says:


    I saw your site and I’ve been thinking of something just like this. I too work with debian and ESX and mysql administration, around 35 servers with alot of experience. If I would like to help you by posting tips and tricks, probably a bit longer and more in-depth, would you be interested in that?

  2. Ali says:


    Absolutely. Unfortunately I’m a bit impatient to get more details in my posts – basically assuming most readers are experienced and looking for a tip here and there. Most of these are for my own reference so I could come back and take a look at when I don’t remember how I did them the first time.

    I will appreciate comments and articles you may want to add. They will be published and credit will be given to contributer.


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