Misc: Asus Eee PC 1005HA network adapters and Ubuntu Jaunty netbook remix

There are several ways of doing this. You can download the Atheros driver source and compile, but this is by far the simplest since you only have to download the deb package and install to get your wireless network to work and do the rest while connected. Here is how:

Download your kernel’s Linux backports modules from here – mine was 2.6.28-11 generic. If you don’t know what your kernel version is use “uname -r” in console. Note that installing the wrong build can break your package manager and cause more frustration, so be careful. Copy the file to a flash drive and install it on the Eee. Reboot and your wireless NIC should work.
sudo dpkg -i linux-backports-modules-2.6.28-11-generic_2.6.28-11.12_i386.deb
Once your wireless connection is up and running, connect to the Internet, fire up Synaptic Package Manager and search for “eee”. You will see a package called “atl2-source” which is your Linux base driver for Atheros Ethernet Controller. Install, reboot and your wired network controller should also work. You can also run the following command in console instead of using Synaptic:
sudo aptitude atl2-source
There are a few more packages for Eee-PC in Synaptic… Make sure to install the ACPI driver.

Windows: Windows is unable to install to the selected location. Error: 0x80300001

Well… all these years of development and Microsoft still can’t get the installation part right. Not too surprising… huh?

If you have a storage controller or using motherboard RAID, it’s quite possible that you see this error message after loading the drivers. This could happen on systems with a single CD drive and It’s also likely to happen if you are installing storage drivers from a USB flash drive.

If your driver CD is still in the drive (or USB drive) and Windows CD out on your desk, you won’t be notified properly. Instead, you will see the above error message which was very frustrating in my case. Remember to replace the driver CD with Windows, wait until you hear it spin and then you will notice the Next button is no longer grayed out. It is not safe to assume that Windows would give you a hint. I wonder how much the missing error message was going to cost Microsoft that they decided not to add it.

Frustrating… very unprofessional of Microsoft to say the least.