Backup Exec: Transfer scheduled jobs, database and settings to a new backup server

Well… it’s quite easy especially if you are keeping the same server name (skip the SQL commands below and go right to transfer section). If not you will have to change your SQL instance name accordingly.

Start here if you’re changing the server name, otherwise skip the SQL commands below:

Open command prompt and type the following:
osql -E -S servername\BKUPEXEC
use bedb
UPDATE DataPartition SET PartitionName='SERVERNAME' WHERE PartitionID = 0
SELECT partitionname FROM datapartition

Then proceed with tranferring your db over to the new server. Two folders under Backup Exec installation folder are needed: Data and Catalogs. After backing up your current folders:

Stop all Backup Exec services. I’d open the console and go to Tools – Backup Exec Services and stop all.
Stop all SQL services in services console.
Copy the above folders to your new server and overwrite all existing files.
Run BEUtility.exe under Backup Exec folder. You will be prompted not to use the utility without supervision… right! Just click it away.
In the left pane click on All Media Servers, and in the right pane right click on your server name and click Copy Database.
Browse to bedb_dat.mdf (database file) and bedb_log.ldf (database log file) you just copied over from the old server.
Click OK and proceed with the transfer.

BEUtility will transfer your settings and detach/attach your database and start your BE services automatically. If not then start them manually.

If you don’t see an error message about unsuccessful db detach/attach and your services start in timely fashion then you should be able to see all your jobs, media, devices and even settings and encryption keys transferred to the new server.