Windows: Cannot add Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in in Windows XP 64 bit

AD Users and Computers, and a few other administrative snap-in’s are 32 bit components. To add those snap-in’s to your mmc you will have to run mmc with /32 switch.

In order to be able to save your console for future use and be able to access all 32 and 64 bit components, you need to save two copies. Run an instance using mmc.exe and the other mmc.exe /32, then save both with different names you can recognize.

Windows: Create an administrative package for network/GPO deployment for Adobe Acrobat product family

Search for Adobe Customization Wizard 9 (8 for Acrobat 8.0 family). Install and run the programs. You will be asked to navigate to location where you .msi file is… the rest is easy!

Adobe Customization Wizard can be used for the following Adobe software:

Adobe Acrobat 3D

Adobe Acrobat Professional

Adobe Acrobat Standard

Adobe Acrobat Elements

Adobe Reader